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January 24, 2009


Dennis Andersen

There is absolutely no evidence that board, and in particular BillG have lost confidence in SteveB. The experience of last 15+ years suggest that once BillG has anointed a person as "High IQ", that person is set in MS.
Look at failures of others like Muglia, Mehdi (MSN) or Nadella (MBS-Dynamics) or Spiro (WinFS). There has been absolutely no accountability at partner level and up. There is penalty for disagreement - Belluzzo, Valentine etc but that should not be confused with accountability for outcomes.

BillG has personally selected, groomed and promoted SteveB. Firing him is admitting to an error in judgement for many years. That is very hard - much harded for smart people. That is not going to happen while BillG has sway over the board and he certainly does.

Chris K.

I think Steve will stay. Microsoft hasn't shown much leadership from the top in the past decade, and I doubt that even realize how bad Steve really is.

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