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January 20, 2011


Ray Levesque

I was in such a hurry to get my resume in at my last job, that I sent them a job description from another company. Nonetheless, they called me back for an interview. They we so confused by my submission that they interviewed me -- and hired me. And I'm still here...

>Ray, you got lucky! Or you're very, very good. Could be both!

Chris Vincent

As a person that is guilty of sending hurried submissions I have a couple more suggestions.
Deciding on a few job types you would be interested in holding, then creating specific resumes for that job, can shorten your lead time. Then doing the advance peer review so when you find the position you can shorten a few of the steps. Just a little tweaking and a quick peer review to make sure rather than starting fresh might make the difference if the opening has a limited duration.

I would also add to step 9 that you include forwarding the job listing you are applying for to make sure your peer knows exactly the points your resume needs to address. It also provides an opportunity to catch any salient points you might have overlooked.

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