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October 24, 2008


Mike Crowl

This would all be fine, except that many people don't have the opportunity to be so picky about where they work. Godin, in this situation, seems to be talking about some ideal world where employees can be choosy. It's not one I'm acquainted with.


money rules man for 95% of people you can not be picky there are 200 others for the same job...


I think these two comments accurately reflect what a lot of people feel when they are in the midst of a job search, so let's think about this a sec.

Here's a story to illuminate things: You're a boss, and have a team comprised of 3 supervisors, and each supervisor has between 5 - 10 people reporting to them. So, let's say you then have 25 people total reporting into you.

Are each of the supervisors equal in terms of their ability to lead? Are each of their reports equal in what they deliver to your org? No, of course not.

Stop thinking about the numbers, and start thinking about how you are uniquely qualified to answer the top 3 problems the hiring manager needs addressed. That's how you land a job in a competitive landscape. If you want more on this, check out the book SPIN selling.

Jeff Ogden

My goodness Seth is right. I've worked for some real stinkers. Case in point, the company website was a disaster so I called the developer and asked her for information about it. She left a message for the owner. He returns from a night of drinking, listens to his voicemails and goes ballistic on me. "What the F--k are you thinking? This company has thrived for 23 years without you. I'm pissed." All I did was ask a simple and logical question.

By the way, that company is just about to fold.


i just wantd to say jut stick with your job nowadays...:)


I too have a bad boss, but in this time i cant think of switch. This is what making my boss more aggressive for criticizing work and bad behavior.

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